Best CSGO Trading Sites of 2020

List of the best sites to trade CSGO Skins. It contains only verified marketplaces that has been used by professional traders.

Trading SiteHighlightsRating
  • Buy and Sell Skins from CSGO and other games
  • Many payment methods (Paypal, Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Massive userbase
  • API
  • Trade CSGO and Dota 2 Skins
  • Add money with G2APay, Paypal and more.
  • Partnership programme
  • Intuitive design
  • Trade CSGO, Dota 2, RUST, H1Z1, TF2 Skins
  • Integrated Marketplace
  • Affiliate programme
  • API
  • 200+ payment methods
  • Buy or sell CSGO, Dota 2, RUST, H1Z1, TF2 Skins
  • Minimalistic design
  • Sofort, Paypal, Bitcoin, G2A pay
  • API
  • Trade or sell CSGO Skins + 7 more games
  • Low commission
  • Referral programme
  • G2A Pay

CSGO Trading Sites list

Our list of the best CSGO Trading Sites in 2020 features the most popular marketplaces where you can buy, sell or trade your CSGO Skins very fast and conveniently.

The Steam market isn't the only place to buy and sell CS:GO skins, in fact, there are over ten well-established websites that allow you to do so. Some of these websites offer advantages over the Steam marketplace such as a reduced commission, the ability to cashout in actual cash (e.g. PayPal), and the ability to swap your skin(s) for another.

CS GO Skin Trading Sites that qualified to our list offer bots for fast trades, various payment methods – both fiat and crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and massive user base that ensures market’s liquidity.

CSGO Skin Trading Guide

If you want to profit from 1:1 trades you need to stay calm and stick to your strategy. It is important to understand that no one on earth wants to trade down, just to get a beautiful skin. In the CS GO trading world, everyone wants to make a good deal – making offers with a bad outcome for one trader will just not work. This is the reason why 90% of all of the trades get rejected, no one wants to downgrade! Everyone in CS GO trading is looking for profit.

If you plan to start your CS GO trading business think about investing a few dollars. Thousands of traders start with a few cents and need hours and hours to reach a higher inventory. Then people find themselves stuck on a level, or even fall down. The market is full of people with just a few cent items and everyone wants to get a bit more. If you really want to be a CS GO trader, stay away from that shit, invest a few dollars and take the step up – don’t be one of the guys who is hunting for cents. Starting with a few items for 2-3$ can be much more attractive.

How can I trade in CS GO, where are the best areas to find trade partners?

  • The Basic-Setup: Place a trading link in your Steam profile and make your profile visible for others. Like that members of the Steam Community can easily send trades without beeing a friend. A trading link is much safer than a live chat discussion where traders accidently change the offer. To create a trading link go to your inventory click on trade offers and choose “who can send me trades?”. Copy the link to your profile.
  • Steam Friendlist: Check the inventory of your friendlist, this is the perfect place to start a trading carreer. Before starting other stuff always trade with your Steam friends to get a first impression for trades, how it feels and what is important to check. The Steam friendlist is not endless so after you browsed down all of them, check for other options.
  • Browse the Steam Community: In the Steam Community you can check for groups and issues or forum entries. Many people search trade partners and this is the perfect place to search for individual important or special trades/skins.
  • Reddit: In the CS GO Reddit Area you can find invidual trades too. If you are a experienced Reddit user this is an awesome tool for you. For all who haven’t used Reddit yet it could be a bit complicated and overwhelming. There is a specific area for CS GO trades with CS GO keys as the currency. Only trade here if you have keys.
  • CSGO Trading Sites list: Visit any of the websites available on our list and start trading.

Extra tips to step up the trading game:

  • Be careful the market values can change fast, before making a deal it is good to check the price value again.
  • Be nice and meet amazing people, don’t just focus on the profit, try to have a good time and meet new people.
  • Decide if the item is useful or valuable, some skins with a high price can be shit and no one wants to have them, decide if the skin looks great or not.
  • Do not send quicksells for your dream items, there will be a good offer somewhere else.
  • Don’t overpay for Case Hardened Knives or Crimson Web. Only do that if you want to use the skin by urself, because you love it. Same goes for any knife: Do not overpay for any knife, always try to get it much cheaper, there will be an offer at the right time.
  • Give others a +rep this is important and if it is a friend he will give it back. Every +rep counts!

How do we rate CSGO Trading Sites?

When rating a new csgo trading website, we take various aspects under consideration. We’ve listed below the most important of them:

Fast and safe withdrawal

We try to withdraw from every site that is on our list. If the withdrawal isn’t working, the site won’t be on our list. If the withdrawal is slow, the site will get a bad rating.

Automated bot trading

It’s basically a standard among csgo trade sites, but it is important to ensure fast sales.

Low commission

The lower the commission that trading site takes, the higher it scores in our ranking.


Some sites offer additional bonuses, like small amount of money on start or lower commission for using site’s URL in your steam nickname. Most websites on our list will offer you one or the other.

Fast and helpful support

We will try out if the support of the gambling site is working. If we get a fast and helpful response to our question, the site will get a good rating on our list.

Frequently asked questions

What are CSGO Trading Sites?

CSGO Trading Sites are online marketplaces, where you can buy, sell or exchange your CSGO Skins.

Are CSGO Trading Sites legit?

Most of the trading sites and marketplaces are well-established brands with a long history. All of the sites on our list are legit and 100% safe.

What payment methods can you use on CSGO Trade Sites?

The most popular payment methods available on those sites are G2APay, Paypal, Credit Cards, Skrill, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.